10 Bags in The Than Investing. Ask Santa Claus for Christmas

The list of Christmas gifts It might be a good time for that freak that bear wishing for so long. A great bag It is an investment if we believe in classic and desired models that never goes out of fashion. If you have site to order something else Santa Claus so you add one of these ten bags to your list.

The Hermes Birkin

Hermes is one of the firms in which every purchase is a sure value, even if it is in bags. Unfortunately, this causes great demands on their most legendary models, such as the Birkin which has as many brides as a waiting list. Or isn’t it? Already in his day our companions of Embelezzia unveiled the mystery interviewing Michael Tonello who ensured that such “ list is a joke, a silly marketing gimmick & #8220;.

A great handmade carrying bag in addition after Yes history with Jane Birkin back since 1984. Is your price? Since the € 6,000 to 40,000 EUR According to models.

Chanel 2.55, a basic luxury

The creation of a myth leads to some products to rise as real jewels. The model Chanel 2.55 It is one of them. Design by Coco Chanel in 1955 still kicking so far. A famous for its quilted leather craft model, its chain and emblem. Nevertheless, more I think an overrated to a large bag icon, in addition, both use by certain profiles have finished ignoring you. I must say it. Its price is around the 2.800 EUR.

The Muse of Yves Saint Laurent

The model Muse Yves Saint Laurent is a classic bag that has become very popular in recent years. The famous have done enough for it. Bag lends itself to be the perfect multi-purpose. Broad, with a modern design, quite timeless. Its price is around the 1,200 euros to 1,400 EUR, According to size.

Balenciaga big

Bag Giant City Silver Hamilton of Balenciaga It is a design with class, in a large firm as the PPR Group. A handbag that also have worn more than one celebrity (some unfortunately for bag) and that it reiterated the comfort of a medium size and large materials. Its price is around the 1,345 euros.

Prada plays doctors

One of the regulars of Prada is the model Gauffre, which I do not like anything, so I’d rather stay with another: the Saffiano. Saffiano model returns to usual own doctors suitcase between elongated size. Its price is around between the 1,100 to 1,300 euros.

Louis Vuitton is also of hospitals

At the end my tastes and some of the most classic bags share a few key traits: again the doctors in a pristine design under the model Soul Louis Vuitton. I don’t know any design with the monogram of the firm to be in the soup. I prefer this design by 1,020 EUR

The Gemma of Chloe

Bag Paddington Chloe it would not fail in this list, but I prefer more the model Gemma, yours not because with Olivia Palermo has done it in according to what circles, but meets the same objectives that I commented in the previous bags. Madeleine model I also like. Its price is around the 1,500 euros.

The cinema of Alexander McQueen

An attractive design, with a taste for a modern false and geometry. Alexander McQueen left us model Novak inspired by the actress Kim Novak and turning it into an icon. – Price around 1,300-1,500 euros.

The taste of Celine

I close the list with two personal choices aside from classic or not. Celine has turned many of his designs in typical of current trends and ideas for many brands low cost. Among them is the Boston model, the smile and the model Lambskin so I’ve seen the past two seasons large-scale (and not just for its part, but by the clones). The model Classic Box also fails. The price exceeds the 1,000 euros.

Jil Sander party

At the end so many repeated classics makes that large current firms put them aside when they have better ideas than the already repeated constantly. Jil Sander is one of my favorites. Always good to have a clutch handmade for a party and with this we heal health for different styles. Price: 310 EUR.