7 Things Every Mother Needs to Load in the Bag

You will hardly see a mother walking with small purse, and the reason is absolutely justifiable: although not rule, who she often carries the basic kit for emergencies.

7 Things Every Mother Needs to Load in the Bag

But of course not everyone can predict everything that will need to come out with the child, right? That is why we decided to give a little help and submit a list of essential items that should not be outside of a mother. See!

Essential items in the bag of a mother

Moist towelette

The moist towelette is the item that every mother has and not always just to care for the babies. The item can be used in the bathroom, to nosebleed, cleaning hands and cleaning of clothes when juice or other food.

Alcohol gel

Alcohol in gel is the second most used items for mothers, because with him it is possible to keep the hand hygiene of children and of their own. Regardless of the place or occasion.


This is the kind of thing that no mother should leave at home. The main document that mothers must carry on bag is the RG, but it is important to have around as well the membership card of the Covenant.
These documents should be always at hand even if the mother is not with the child, it may be an accident occurs at school and she needs some kind of care outside of the school environment or something. Know where the document could be of fundamental importance.

Crayons, paper and favorite toy

Child gets bored easily and this is where they start to find what to do, what ends up being interpreted by most adults as: “mess”. To avoid that the tip is to always have around a piece of paper and one or more crayons (provided that the child has appropriate age for such), which will help the small to distraction.
Take the favorite toy of the child can also be useful for this purpose and the options don’t end there. The mother can carry on bag items such as pens, model or color pencil, anything to keep your child entertained wherever you go.

First aid kit

As kids tend to go through the phase of exploring places and the own limits – whether running or climbing things – it is important that the mother always keep in your bag for a basic first-aid kit with antiseptic, serum, ointment and bandages.

Power supply kit

Another important tip essential item in bag of mother is a pouch with fork, napkin and spoon. When the child is eating and need of these items, they will be around to avoid the child eat with utensils suitable for your age group.
Now that is to say, that plastic cutlery that can be broken, is not ideal for the little ones as they may end up swallowing a piece if break during the meal.


As the child is in the development phase she feels hungry all the time, and I can’t be buying nonsense for children on the street. The best then get in the stock market healthy foods like fruits, milk and water.