A Saturday in Paris With The Bags And Scarves Mr Charli

The modern Gentleman has had the opportunity to test in vivo the products and accessories of the young French brand Mr Charli. Scarves and bags are the workhorses of this good friendly Charli, ideal for strolling in Paris at the beginning of spring. Shoping and shooting were only more pleasant.

Virginie Lépron designer interested in modern, free men in their head. In a cool word. In several words, casual, elegant and comfortable in their

sneakers. To complete their wardrobe, she had the idea to focus on accessories trends and indicative of a mindset. The scarf is coloured, accessorize the silhouette and contributes to personality. The bag is useful, if not vital, and visibly fashion. Focus on the practical side than on the aesthetic allows to reach all men and to offer them the opportunity to stand. Mr Charli collection is 3 types of modern Gentlemen: distinguished man, the globbe trotter and plugged the city dweller. The modern Gentleman has style and looks, perfect for test 2 timeless declensions of Mr Charli.

A tour d’horizon, hardworking and focused on the site Internet Mr Charli has allowed me to choose 2 variations: Copacabana the scarf in cotton and the cotton military satchel and leather Basile. Spring knocks at the door, the sun shines its first rays, ideal for a walk in Paris with Mr Charliproducts. The bag reminds me of my childhood and the US Army canvas bags. Except that this one is otherwise more resistant and trend. Mr Charli is surrounded by a partner network of craftsmen/manufacturers that guarantee impeccable quality. Work on the leather, use of exotic materials, embroidery, handmade, the quality of the products are pleased to see and feel. And when we know that Mr Charli also works to ensure ethical production, we imagine a leitmotif concerned with respect for the environment and the working conditions of the employees.

The rain God did apologize more than perfect for brand new chic and casual clothing under the good offices of Helios (a little) and Zephyr (a little too). The scarf jumpsuit certainly but protects especially the little neck sickly of the modern gentleman assailed by a cool breeze and omnipresent. The bag is light, comfortable to wear and use to store some shopping on Saturday. The site Internet of Mr Charli you will show the variety of colours and patterns, do not hesitate to get there to choose your declination adapted to your style. The variety is Queen, everything to make you happy.