ASH-SUL27 Backpack Review

The Backpack Rucksack backpack ASH-SUL27 Hanchor brand is a product designed for light and short walks as well as other daily activities, both in the city as in outdoor environment.

It is available in Topschoolsintheusa. The main feature of the backpack is lightweight (200 gr) and compact to offer a great weight x unprecedented volume on the market using an abrasion-resistant material.

ASH-SUL27 Backpack Review 1

The Test

The backpack ASH-SUL27 has been tested in several possible situations for which it was designed.

The equipment was tested on several short hikes, and the average difficulty easy, at the peak of Jaragua in São Paulo.

Been tested yet on a hike of medium difficulty in Pindamonhangaba – SP

The Backpack also used on trips to the practice of sport climbing, climbing equipment always loading as slippers, seat (baudrier) and magnesium bag beyond the needs of the day such as water, snacks and coat.

The product is still used in urban walks on a daily basis, with distances between 2 to 5 km, and with a maximum load of 5 to 7 kg.

During some light rain and drizzle faced walks.

ASH-SUL27 Backpack Review 2


The backpack ASH-SUL27 during the reviews caused much good impression especially for your lightness, comfort and offering a performance above expectations.

By your performance is recommended for those who perform daily activities such as walking a few hours approach to sport climbing peaks and boulder and also for urban use.

No doubt your strength is in the use of innovative material, which provides extreme lightness with great resistance to cheers.

In addition the texture and color of the material are the dirt doesn’t stick and don’t get grubby appearance easily, important point for outdoor environment.

ASH-SUL27 Backpack Review 3

Even though a product apparently very simple has details that appeal to those who practice nature activities as: workholding system Walking canes, raincoat, Pectoral and barrigueira strip of tape adjustable.

By having quality materials certainly has great longevity, which guarantees an extensive use of the equipment for many years.

The only point that should be reviewed is the closing system, that when the bag is not full on your ability to the top is a little loose, producing noise on the road.

The backpack is indicated to any person who wishes to perform trekking, climbing or sports boulder, and want a versatile backpack, light and resistant.