Backpack Deuter Traveller 70 + 10 Freighter

Just before we left for our Backpacking honeymoon, the Deuter gave me a treat, a model backpacking Traveller 70 + 10.

Of course I used it to travel and enjoyed the backpack that I decided to make a review here on the blog and show you the characteristics and qualities of this my new travel partner.
The Deuter is a German brand that already has more than 100 years of history. Came to Brazil in 2001 and is one of the brands top of mind when we talk about bags, very well evaluated and regarded with several award-winning models over the years.

The Deuter Traveller 70 + 10

The Traveller line of Deuter was designed for urban trips of long duration, it is a little wider than technical backpacks and it ends up being a differentiator for who needs to do and undo the bag several times during the trip, plus she has a full opening of the main compartment for easy access.
The bottom of the backpack features an internal separation so you can leave shoes or dirty clothes of the other items.

Adjustment systems are great! The structured barrigueira fits perfectly to the body and is quite comfortable chest strap already makes the bag stay as close as possible to your body’s facilitating the walk without harm.

Internal straps help to keep his clothes organized and she also has an external handle that you can use to carry the bag on the side of the body like a purse or a Briefcase.

Does not have a raincoat because you don’t even have to because it is waterproof!

Dispatch is not a problem, since with the closure of the back of the bag, the handles and the barrigueira are hidden and she doesn’t run the risk of getting caught and the color of the bag, you don’t even have to worry about dirt.
The attack of 17 liters backpack that comes attached is another strong point. You can use it for day to day during the trip, while the backpack lies in the locker of the hostel with his belongings. And she still accepts the water container (that you purchase separately) for you to use as hydration backpack.

Despite having made only one trip with her, it was a trip of more than 30 days. The bag went through lockers, floor mats, airports, plane, bus, train and remained intact.

Very spacious, comfortable backpack, made with quality material … super recommend for urban trips of medium or long length.

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The Traveller backpack is still available at in two other sizes: 55 + 10 SL and 80 + 10.