Beach Bag: An Indispensable Accessory in Summer Looks

Learn more about beach bag designs and check out everyday looks with the piece

The purse is an almost indispensable accessory in any woman’s life. Whether it’s for work, for a party or for a simple walk in the mall. The practicality of the bag makes it the official complement of the looks of the day.

With the beach bag is no different.You need to bring essentials to the beach and with it the bag becomes part of your summer look.It needs to be large enough to fit everything, practical and stylish.

Nowadays you can find several models of beach bag, from the classic straw bag, as well as the plastic bag. And best of all, you can also wear them with day-to-day looks.

We asked for help from the fashion and style consultant, Lili Fuzikava, to explain a little more about each model of beach bag, check it out!

Straw bag

The darling model of the bloggers and that surely has also conquered his heart. The straw bag is no longer an exclusive beach accessory and is also used on a daily basis. “They combine with casual looks and, to create unusual looks, try using mixed elements that contrast with the lightness of the straw, such as heavier materials or structured trim,” says Lili Fuzikava.

Printed fabric bag

Perfect for adding a touch of color to the look of the day.” Anyone who wants to dare a little more can work with a mix of prints, coordinating the print of the clothes with the print of the bag – a tip to make the mix is ​​to look for common colors in the prints of the two pieces,” advises Lili.

Transparent bag

This purse model is a model that stands out a lot.For those who do not want to show what is taking in the bag, Lili gives a tip: “The tip is to use a bag inside the bag, as a necessaire, for example.”


A practical, versatile model that combines perfectly with casual looks. “Hint: the more details in the bag – like embroidery, fringes, tacks, etc – the more informal it is.If the model is a shoulder strap, it brings volume to the hips, good for balancing very broad shoulders, “explains the fashion and style consultant.

Half moon bag

“They are usually more unstructured, which conveys chance. They are great for day-to-day use and this type of bag is a good option for those who carry a lot, “comments Lili. The consultant also gives a hint of a look to use the bag off the beach: “chemise, maxi tailor’s vest and slipper with a half moon bag.”

Plastic bag

A very informal model, since it is made of plastic, it is great for creating a more fun and funky look.Like the other models, this is also a great alternative to wear off the beach, with underwear and underwear and even a tank top.

Crochet Beach Bag

“Just like the straw bags, crochet bags were more restricted to beach environments. The material, finish, color and size are elements that give the tone of the crochet bag, and can be more rustic, fun or sophisticated, “explains the consultant.

Beautiful and versatile beach bags for you to buy

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More inspiring looks with beach bags

We separate some images with various models of beach bags, to inspire you. Check it!

One more beautiful than the other, is not it? Now is to run to assemble looks full of charm!