Claudie and Claudy – Women’s Bag Name Scrutinized

Did you have ever on the idea, to search the bag department store for bags with your name? No? Then I put that you warmly to the heart. I came across by chance on two Namensvetterinnen: the Claudie bag handbag by Picard and the shopper bag Claudy by Cowboysbag. A nice coincidence, I think. But how come the manufacturer on the bag name and what do they mean?

But first back to my Namensvetterinnen: first, the name Claudia has a less complimentary meaning. He comes from the Latin and means “limp” or “lame”. However this can be interpreted as resistance and deliberate, tamed acting what Yes can hurt for the first time. So a bit of control and discipline of advantage is just considering the strength of the name, given by the Latin origin. On the bags that speaks well for robust and durable materials and thoughtful design. Claudia means “the shy one” in Italian. At least this is a very useful feature for a bag Yes Schonmal.

Best Girlfriends Potential

But why actually draw so many bag manufacturers such as Fred brother, love child and Fritzi from Prussia on women’s names for their creations? The answer is simple: hand bags, shoulder bags, evening bags, and shoppers are loyal companions. Constanze Alef told us: “FREDsBRUDER bags have all”best friends”-potential.” “Reliable, practical, and despite cool style, they are not prone to be”out”after one season.” This is of course the easiest if they are also called as a friend. Alternatively certainly also an identification takes place using female names for handbags and there is an automatic binding, if you come across a bag, which is called as yourself.

Another way of naming is a reference to a famous Taschenträgerin. The Kelly Bag , for example, a whole bag type is named after Grace Kelly, which popularized the special shape of the bag.

Cambridge, Malmö, Colorado, Tatras or Berlin

In addition to women’s names, geographical concepts of the Renner are just in the area of men’s bags . Whether Cambridge, Malmö, Colorado, Tatras or Berlin – brands such as Jost, Leonhard Heyden, Golden head and co. in their briefcases, backpacks and shoulder bags on cities, regions or other distinctive landscapes as the case name.

The Department of children backpacks and bags is characterized by the terms mini, and kids as well as animal terms. Kanken are just some examples of mini, Minnie, birdie, Woods Fox and cuddly bear. The Association is clear and neutral, and the cute pet names the little to build just an emotional bond to her new favorite bag.

I’m curious to see what you me significant case names can report about Pocket namesake or for you! There are bags with your name in the bag department store? And if so, how well does the model to you?