Hand Roger Vivier Bag, Not All The Print Will Be Feline

The animal print continues to set trends in fashion and accessories. For which you do not want the feline print, I propose the bag Metro Miss D from Roger Vivier, Collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 in stamping… do cow, Zebra and giraffe all scrambled eggs?

Whatever it is that you inspired them for this bag in black and white, I like very much. By far, thin and stiff, handle the closure and the pespunteados edges. You can take it in the hand or on the shoulder, as you please and you feel more comfortable.

Even at the risk of being with sight blank several minutes by the stridency of huge moles from his web page colors, the same print decorates the Miss Viv Hobo bag. You choose which to choose, it is a complement that will provide plenty of light to your look in winter: I bet for the colorful accessories to break the dark tones that we tend to carry.