How to Detect Fake MCM Bag?

If you happy in a MCM bag has invested and it turns out later that it is only a well-made plagiarism (a fake), this can be very annoying. For this reason, we have researched for you and put together some distinctive features which your fakes can more easily detect.

MCM bags fake check: original or fake?

Once you know what makes a real MCM bag next to the first-class quality and how you can recognize an original bag of the brand it is often very easy to make the right choice.

MCM handbag real or fake? -decide the characteristics

The most important feature
The most important indication for an original is and remains the place where man has bought the bag. Buy one, for example, directly into a flagship store is to assume that of course is an original. You get a warranty card (guarantee) with further information about the product in addition to the receipt also. It is complicated when it is a used bag which is resold outside the aforementioned stores. Just then, the following characteristics are important.

Since the original MCM is handmade products handbags, attention is paid in particular on the transitions of the monograms on the seams. Fake bags, however, often, show that this Monogram under a seam disappears instead of fit seamlessly to be continued.

On the buckles located at the high-quality shiny pieces of metal also MCM logo stamped a form on plagiarism was often overlooked this detail.

The rivets
This bag is located at the original MCM also pressed in MCM logo. The logo is always in horizontal position.

The seams
Here, the difference in the corners is visible very soon. The Nähnte at fakes are often crooked, frayed or show significant tie-ups at the ends. Also, they should have a constant distance from the edge of the Pocket.

Indoor smell of the bag
Fake bags are often cheap bonded and chemically treated. Original bags have therefore no glue odors or chemically smelling materials. Reliance is often very good on your own nose! Simply just hold the nose and sniff the inside pocket.