How to Pick the Perfect Eyebrows and Backpacks Right

There is hardly anything in our face, which is so rarely noticed and addressed, but nevertheless has such a great effect on the appearance as our eyebrows.Eyebrows, for example, contribute to how symmetrically our face appears and thus also how attractive our face affects others.And above all they emphasize our eyes.Depending on how our eyebrows are shaped or plucked, they automatically give us a special look.Perfectly plucked, they allow us to point out our advantages, but they are too bushy, too thin or unbalanced, they are rather unfavorable to our appearance.How exactly do the perfect eyebrows look like and how do you correct the perfect eyebrows right?On these and other questions I will give you an answer today.

This is how the perfect eyebrows are plucked

Of course, there is no rule of how exactly attractive eyebrows look like, but there is some kind of ideal type – exceptions naturally confirm the rule.The ideal eyebrow follows, in short, the two-thirds-one-third form.This means that the perfect eyebrows rise by two-thirds and gently falls to a third.How you best determine this shape when plucking your eyebrows can be easily determined with the aid of a pencil.To find the beginning of the ideal eyebrows, hold the pen perpendicularly along your nose wing and the inner corner of your eye.Where the vertical pencil touches your eyebrows, should be the beginning of the eyebrows.If some hairs are standing in front of them, you can gently pull them away with a pair of tweezers.From this point, the eyebrow begins to rise by about two-thirds.Find the highest point of the eyebrow as follows: Place the pencil on the nose wing and push it so that it runs through the center of your pupil (looking straight ahead).At the point where the pencil crosses your eyebrows is then the highest point from which the eyebrow then makes its “bend”.From this point the eyebrow gently drops to a third.The end point of the ideal eyebrow can be rechecked again with the stylus by holding it again next to the nose wing and this time over the outer corner of the eye, until the brow is touched again.There the eyebrow should end up and excess hair can be snapped away with the tweezers. Otherwise, you can match your eyebrows with different bags, which can make your look more beautiful.

Too long or bushy eyebrows – what can you do?

If you have plucked your eyebrows into the right shape and you realize that the remaining hairs have grown quite long, there is a little tip.By means of an eyebrow brush, you can comb it down and shorten a little excess length with a fine scissors.Do not cut too much away, otherwise the eyebrows become too thin.Then you comb the brows with the eyebrow brush in the opposite direction and do the same with the hair on top.

What can be done with bright or incomplete eyebrows?

The perfect eyebrows you have already, but unfortunately your eyebrows are too bright or you can discover gaps in them, which diminishes the overall picture?No problem: Here, too, there are a few small tips and tricks.With a little eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil you can highlight too bright eyebrows or cover gaps.Be careful, however, that it fits in color.That is to say, do not draw too much dark eyebrows – that would otherwise be unnatural.For small gaps in the brows, you should also use a color that matches the rest of the hair.