Mango Fashion Jewellery Collection Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Africa to Camden

Add-ins have very little accessory. The firms know this and therefore strive to equal their fashion collections and his shoes, handbags, jewelry or jewellery. Nothing better to rescue a bland look of summer, as shorts jeans shirt, with a great pamela of raffia or a dress already broken white ad lib with a mega necklace ethnic bib.

Firms such as Mango increasingly attach more relevance to Accessories and in this case presents its special collection of jewellery fall-winter 2011 / 2012. From retro pieces filled with stones, until touches punk, African or rococo.

Between African and punk, bicoloured teeth with details from gold and silver make it ideal for a punk or African touch. Why not dare with a suit black tailor, basic, boring with this mega collar for work?

African and very tribal. The ethnic trend goes beyond winter and handle commitment to she. In winter, it is not as simple to combine it in the summer but vests of hair, wide leg pants and a touch 70 are the best way to make it yours.

Parts typical of Marie-Antoinette, with glass stones or color. If simplicity is your thing, it is not the most suitable style but not you other if you use this type of necklaces with kits. Leave the point of attention in the collar and that the rest is simpler.

Rococo and what they could be a little classic priori touches. Reminds us to our mother necklace? But and if we combine it with a dress baby doll, shims of wool and boots Musketeers? Would we have the same impression?

A design that reminds me of a … and Mango is to see how it is live and direct. Thousands of tears to our ears in glass.

One of my favorite pieces. By its multiple colors and a design that mixes the hippie with the rococo. Take it with a styling very Nico of the Velvet Underground, with hair, mini of infarction and a hippie blouse wrap.

A ring just for fashionistas, with the heavy touch of a Versace and a kitsch, so we encourage? I get to my who will be one of the least successful pieces in the collection.

And we continue with extravagant, with Versace flair of the 90 and much gold, the moro.