Merasa Pouch And Card Holders: Test And Advice

Presentation of a Pocket Merasa and its matching card holders.

Saturday 10: 30 a.m.: I watch the factor who finally comes to my mailbox, a package by hand. I leave the House at full speed throws me on the factor and receive my due, sent by Fanny and Mathieu. The factor I don’t know but my package comes out unscathed, phew.

Who are Fanny and Mathieu?

Fanny and Mathieu are the creators of the brand Merasa, a 100% French brand (and already it’s cool) who makes covers protection for objects

high-tech (smartphones, tablets, pc…), accessories (wallet, wallet…) and objects of decoration (candles). All of these objects are made in a small workshop Alsatian from noble materials and 100% natural: the leather directly from the Basque country and the felt of wool bought in nearby Germany.

Covers are made to measure at the request of the customer. No stock, “lean” manufacturing (remember your management courses? and well, you see that one day that you will be served) with a more than reasonable time: between 2 and 10 days.

Cover Merasa

Different models are available on the merchant site Merasa : Brussels, Helsinki, London, Singapore and Bangkok. Here, we chose the model Boston adapted for a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (8.1 inches) Tablet. So yes, in the photos, it’s a Nexus7 (7 inches), a smaller bit, but at home we have 2 shelves (Hey Yes) so we took the pouch so that one or the other of our tablets can enter into it. Careful though, the dimensions are hair cell designed for a Tablet without other protection (at the same time it is made for). Fortunately if you wish to put your tablet with its hull in the Pocket Merasa simply to say in the form where you specify your Tablet model. They have done things well to make sure that it does not trap. The Boston model consists of 2 parts to be able to take a Tablet and its charger anywhere and a small inside pocket, closed by a zipper. Very convenient to travel.

Card holders Merasa

And then as Mathieu and Fanny are super friendly, they have added us, in the package, a card holder at 2 locations (super nice told you). I was a little afraid that felt “pilling” a bit with the rubbing of clothing well, at the moment everything is nickel, the felt is as beautiful as the first day.

Their class and neutral side with their color goes everywhere, will delight both the men and women. At the moment a lot of models are available but one choice of color: gray and Brown. In 2016, the brand Merasa wishes to expand its range of color.

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