Microbags – Trendy Bags in Handy Format

Who does not know it? We have a big handbag, in which all sorts of things of the last days or weeks have accumulated. The search for the key, the favorite lipstick or the mobile phone can take longer with so many things. But we are honest – usually we do not need everything we have. But it can not hurt to be prepared for any event. Or laziness has kept us from creating order again and causing the bag to be full. This can not be so easy with the handy microbags.

What are Microbags?

As the name suggests, microbags are mostly one – small. So it does not fit much more than the most important utensils such as cell phone, key and the most favorite beauty product. The small size handbags have developed into a real trend, especially on the red carpets. No wonder, because they are not only practical to have the most important things, but above all also really stylish. The microbags are particularly suitable for going out, at festivals, weddings or parties. After all, it is more than impractical for us to wear our XXL bag all the time. But even for everyday life, the small bags can be the ideal companion if you do not need so many things. With the microbags, the inner life of your pocket is always well organized and tidy. And there is another advantage: we relieve our shoulders and back. Finally, we carry loose loose up to 5 kilos with us and also will not happen to you when wearing a Microbag.

The most fashionable models

Mini is not equal Mini: The microbags are available in many different shapes, colors and sizes. In color, pastel tones and bright neon colors are currently the absolute favorites. In terms of form, clutches are particularly popular Microbag models. The small, usually angular ladies handbags spice up every outfit. A very classic model in black you can find with the bag “Fernanda” by Esprit. The clutch, designed in leather look, has a striking grain structure and a high-gloss metal bezel on the bevelled edge, which gives the simple design that certain something. In addition to the classic clutch that does not have handles, and is therefore held in the hand, there are also models that have a handle so that they can be easily laid over the shoulder and you both hands free. The bag “Yvonne” by L. Credi, for example, allows both the carrying options with the detachable handle. The red clutch convinces with its elegant lacquered leather look, which is ideally complemented by the metal element in gold-glossy workmanship. If you prefer a slightly cooler and rockier look, bags with rivets or necklaces are perfect. Also slightly larger shoulder bags with more rounded shapes are among the most fashionable models. The “Primavera” model by Furla is immediately noticeable by the bright red tone. The leather with an effective structure conjures an elegant and extravagant design. The gold strap of fine chain links fits beautifully to the bag and also looks very elegant. The Microbag is completed with the color and size changing cosmetic bag set, in which you can store your most important beauty products properly.

Mini and XXL combined

On some occasions, however, the mini-pocket is not enough. If you can not do without a big bag on such days, simply combine both. The Microbag finally finds place in the big bag and can always be taken with you. So if you are invited somewhere after the evening of the evening, for example, you can simply leave the big bag in the office or car and make your way with the small trend bag. However, there are also models that combine small and large formats with a practical fold-over concept. The clutch “Ronja Clas” from the brand Fritzi is such a model. The light brown bag in striking leather look is a chic companion in the modern look. The small trendy clutch can also be quickly converted into a spacious cross-bag by the folding concept. The bag fits almost everything in color and design. Thus, this model is in every respect a genuine all-rounder and ideal for any occasion. A further plus for all animal lovers: Fritzi products are 100% leather free.