More Than Many Can Believe Frankfurt! The Bag That Is Bigger on the inside Than the outside – Oberwerth Frankfurt

I wanted to start actually contributing materials and hand-made products made of noble materials with my joy and love to made in Germany, but I think so I made some test reports to Oberwerth start products.

More Than Many Can Believe Frankfurt! The Bag That Is Bigger on the inside Than the outside - Oberwerth Frankfurt

I had then plan B to an introductory text the idea to write”Frankfurt is cool. Basta.” That would meet while the famous nail right on the head, would not meet but this ingenious and very chic new bag from the House of Oberwerth.

And now I’m sitting here in Augsburg hotel rooms before my machine and have no idea how I should begin the test report to the Oberwerth Frankfurt , after I had the bag last weekend virtually around the clock in the usage and personal test.

You know what? We simply omit the introductory text and thereby breaking all marketing and blogger rules and come directly to the product to it here-do the handgemacten Oberwerth Frankfurt-is to find new in the portfolio of the


As you can see on the pictures above, that’s Frankfurt home Oberwerth a matching very well in the well-known Oberwerthportfolio shoulder bag with the Oberwerth typical details such as Loox closure, leather floor, ears on the inner sides and a very sturdy shoulder strap with the sewn thread of steel for theft protection.

The Oberwerth Frankfurt is very similar to the Oberwerth Bayreuth , has but can be on the essential points set a few a few centimeters to, transported to the very easy two cameras. Unlike the Oberwerth Freiburg, which looks a bit larger, essential Oberwerth at the Frankfurt has refused on the removable inlet/photo tray and thereby more fit with reduced external dimensions.

I have extensively tested two loads at the past weekend. That were…

The travel kit:

Sony RX10 III (with the 24-600mm lens)

Sony A6300 with the Sony SEL 10-18 (the 15-27mm super wide angle)

2 x Sony batteries

2 x SD cards

Cleaning cloth


iPhone 6s plus

The shooting and reportage set:

Leica Q with your fixed installed 28 1.7 Sumilux

Sony A7R II with the (FAT) Sony G-master 85 1.4

1 x Sony battery

1 x Leica battery

2 x SD cards

Cleaning cloth


iPhone 6s plus

Both of the above sets fit completely without squeezing and solid press in these small (underestimated) and inconspicuous Pocket into it.

Oberwerth has done his homework and belongs on the feedback from the user to the previous pockets. So I want to not devalue the Freiburg and the Bayreuth-two grandiose bags-but they are very strong on the dimensions of the

Leica M and Leica Q “set off”, while Oberwerth now has laid out the dimensions on other current system cameras with the new models–and even the Oberwerth Frankfurt.

To the processing of hand-made bag I must say little sure. This quality is looking for his peers in the photo bag market. The leather is not insensitive and also soon get traces of the author’s daily life. I have long test walks on the weekend made two by the city and by nature and two additional real shoots thus completed and you can see already “patina”, what I like personally very such leather bags.

I brought you a few pictures of the bag. All these pictures are originated in Frankfurt–stylish as it should be so for this Oberwerth Frankfurt . Yes you love, I put an alarm clock on 06:30 me on Sunday to pull Oberwerth Frankfurt with the whopping four hours through Frankfurt. But see for yourself:

I see in this bag with me together mean a “great future” and “no”, that vodka bottle is not!

Yes and now I come to the next problem, the conclusion of this report. How does one explain that it has closed a bag firmly in the heart and it belongs to the best bags, that you ever tested? How does that explain a blogger who can test these brilliant bags all the time and may? I’m back in my hotel room with my text problems…

Now my dear readers and friends of the Pocket freaks, as you know I am a very honest skin and praise good products behind which I’m really. About pockets which are nothing at all-and also that I get regularly-not I actually write. In this today’s post and review, you will find any criticism except the fast wear, because there is no. The boys and girls ofOberwerth have done your homework and brought a very chic, very practical, very useful product on the market. It’s now easy me to say this because I now have this “hot piece”, but I would understand if one or the other wanted to sell his kidney for a such a bag. Fun aside, don’t do that please, it’s only a camera bag, but the King class of camera bags!

If you have questions contact please-I am in good contact with Oberwerth and can place there gladly your questions. As you can see in this product Oberwerth Feedback Ernst and new products with small adjustments that know to please are the result.