Review All Original Goods: Wallet Continental Belt Snake

The Omnes of the Original Goods is a manufacturer of accessories in leather founded in 2018 by the team of mother and son, William, and Helia. All products are hand made in a small fabriqueta (or garage) located in Franca, SP.

Review All Original Goods Wallet Continental Belt Snake

I met the Omnes when William got in touch about a possible partnership. He asked me if I wanted to get to know a product, and I was keeping an eye on the wallet, bifold Continental.

I received the order a short time ago. If you follow the blog on Instagram must have seen the unboxing that I did for my Instagram TV. I recorded my reaction to opening the package for the first time and I shared my initial perception.

Now, after a week using the wallet, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking.

Portfolio Omnes Continental

This wallet men is also available in the colors coffee and black, but it was the wine that caught my attention.

To begin with, the material is firm and has good consistency. The exterior is done in leather wine with the surface very smooth and a rich, cold tone, with a beautiful shine under good light.

Both sides are marked with the logo of the Omnes. I understand why brands need to do this, but I prefer products without marking the outside.

It is also important to note that this leather is not oiled from the type pull-up. That is, it is not clear when bending and stretching. The color remains uniform with the motion.

For this reason, and for the color, my perception is that this style of wallet is more sophisticated than other portfolios artisan that I have.

As for the interior, it is black leather matte. The leather is fantastic, and the combination of colors, as I said, it has a sophisticated air. The design features three pockets for cards and two hidden pockets for money bent, and driver’s license.

The construction of any portfolio is relatively simple. However, are the details of the craft that often define the style of the wallet and separate a good product from a great product.

The stitching of the wallet, continental is manual with line and spacing average. The more dots per mm and the thinner, more stylish products tend to be. I noticed that some ends are loose, and could have been finished off with one more point.

The finishing of the edges is simple, but the smooth curves of the pockets are quite nice. The edges are brunidas but it is still possible to see where a leather separates from the other, on the contrary of the that are in portfolios that are more sophisticated, using tools such as fileteuse.

In the set, the wallet is very beautiful. It measures approximately 11 cm height x 8 cm width x 1.3 cm height-closed with all my stuff. In my opinion it has a great price and a great option portfolio vertical for those seeking a product a little more refined that maintains the handmade feel.

Belt Snake Whisky

Some time ago, I learned that there are leather belts out there that are different from the other.

This was a huge surprise to me, because for a long time I would buy any belt that you found from the front. The time and normal use were not well for them. The surface through plasticized descamava and craquelava in the folds. It wasn’t beautiful.

So, I started buying belts made from quality leather that I could use for a very long time. After that, I started to research on the subject, I came up to the products that are made with English Briddle Leather.

The name refers to the original purpose of the leather was for the straps on the helmet and the reins and bridão of a horse. As a result, the name of the product is synonymous with quality, value and durability. After all, he had to be comfortable in the skin and at the same time strong and durable.

I told that story because I “think” many belts and wallets based on that type. I do the same thing with shoes, when compared with good leather that I had the chance to put them on.

The combination of pliability and firmness, mildness with strength, are the key differentiators of a good belt for me. After all, a belt is basically a strip of leather. In simple designs like this, you do not have other factors that impact the quality.

The touch of the Omnes Snake Whiskey made me remember my favourite belt. The surface is smooth and the material seems to be quite resistant, with grain as well firm. It is not the same thing, but it is also a very nice material.

It is made in an soleta whisky pull up. Pull-up means that as the leather bends and stretches, certain parts become more clear due to the oils and waxes.

Cutting and drilling are 100% hand-made, as well as the stitching line waxed. The edges are polished but simple and rustic. It is not a belt for you to wear with a suit but it also not enough to be gross too, mainly because of the buckle, which is relatively thin and small in brushed steel.

Seen pants size 33 (US), and I chose the belt M! This is my reference, but on the site it has a guide of measurements for you if based.

As well as the portfolio, is a good choice for R$ 139,90. The color is perfect for any lover of raw denim and the leather pull up will age very well to the side of his jeans and boots men’s.

I usually am very skeptical when I read a review that speaks very well of any product, and still can’t think of anything negative about the work of Omnes for the price they are charging. The material is really good, and I don’t have any criticism apart from some improvement of finishing (that somehow are part of the aesthetics).

In Brazil, we have mania of “there can only be one” (an idol, a star, a site tennis, etc), then it is very nice to see that several brands of this type manage your space in the national scenario.

Today, you have no reason to buy a wallet or belt in shopping center in any brand of any business group. We have excellent independent options making a handmade work of first, based on the prices more affordable than many brands.

We will all welcome you and wish long life to All the Original Goods!