Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2012: Urban Jungle in Colorines

The collection Spring summer 2012 from Roger Vivier crosses borders and revolutionizes Convention by playing with optical effects, color blocks and African influences. The Parisian woman is fearless in your urban jungle. His shoes and handbags are very coveted, a dream of wild and beautiful creativity… I invite you to a Parisian promenade full of color and sophistication.

Roger Vivier It was the first Shoemaker of Haute Couture, which together with André Perugia or Salvatore Ferragamo changed the world of footwear in the middle of the 20th century. Now, Bruno Frisoni It is responsible for the rebirth of the firm since 2003. Thanks to him, Roger Vivier has achieved a modern style to a House with a long tradition.

And it is not for less, since season after season fall yielded to her charms, and not only I, but all the celebrities. In my case I’m glad by the view and in the case of the latter, they have the luck and the pleasure of enjoying them and wear them.

3D effect

Any occasion is good to look spectacular, and high shoes that also provide a great touch of elegance and with which you will not go unnoticed, to match the rigid coveted handbags, handbags / clutch.

In the new summer season, the French firm innovates with multicolor models and others with monochromatic designs but in very cheerful and bright tones. The Green, yellow, orange… all carved in skin or Python. And always without forgetting the exceptional savoir-faire that allows to achieve some amazing 3D effects. Details such as sequins, crystals, pearls of Zaire, wood applications, buckles, giving an unexpected result.

The classics of Roger Vivier

Bags Metro y Miss Viv’, hallmarks of the brand, have been decorated with everything a rainbow ranging from solid colors to denim. Cosmopolitan, artistic, urban and exotic, the Parisian chic Roger Vivier is reflected in a woman who seeks to conquer the world through fashion. The klein blue bag It fascinates me, all a basic to wear with jeans do not think?

Parts of the season: the Prismick and T Bar Chic

Prismick, the novelty of the collection and with claims of being a new style icon, stands out for applications on suede leather pieces, creating a 3D effect. Some very futuristic creations in its geometry.

Other news and main bets for the next season is the sandal Chic t-Bar. It is not my favorite, I do not know if by color or by their classic cuts, but prefer other proposals. His secret? It has a hidden pad that allows the woman Vivier ‘float’ in the heights.