Success Story: The Folding of Longchamp Bag

It is a marvel of canvas bag that folds and unfolds, and goes from XS to XL at will. A world must that appeals to all generations… and we always book a nice surprise. Focus on the history of the Longchamp folding.

In the corridors of the Segre, near Angers workshop, it is said that Philippe Cassegrain, son of the founder and current President of
Longchamp, had asked in 1993 workers specialized in small leather to mount a handbag in canvas Nylon practical and with a flap and two handles leather foldable, “just to test the market. Today, a copy of this folding model sells every 15 seconds worldwide.

The Concept of the fold longchamp bag

The folding bag, it is a concept. Born in 1993, at a time where the leather goods and luggage consisted of model rigid and heavy, folding is practical and light. Made of nylon and leather, it is inspired by Japanese origami. His patronage flat, thanks to a system of seams and ingenious cuts, takes the volume when opened. Result, it is the first foldable bag of his generation. You can take it anywhere, slide it in her suitcase, be used as a gym bag, in short it is practical.

Do nothing to spoil, Longchamp has also treated its look. Available in 8 basic colors, its trapezoidal shape and brown leather handles seduce all women.

The longchamp folding bag: a success around the world

Created in 1993 by Jean Cassegrain, the founder of the Longchamp brand, and her stylist, Isabelle Guyon, the folding bag sold since then to more than 30 million copies worldwide. Alone, it is not far from 50% of the turnover of the brand. We will tear cheap backpacks off in France, but also in Asia, the Japan and China in mind.

For all tastes and seduce a still larger customer base, Longchamp declines 6 new versions every six months: fancy, acid colors print… There is also a 100% leather model.

The folding bag has become a collector’s item, in collaboration with the English designer Jeremy Scott, which creates a very personal version every year since 2006.

And as decidedly the folding bag is revolutionary, it follows effortlessly custom fashion: on the internet, it is possible to create a model to measure, in a few clicks.

Longchamp, tobacco to the luxury leather goods

The history of Longchamp is fairly recent, and begins in the 1950s with Parisian Jean Cassegrain tobacco. He sold pipes decorated leather who met great success with American and Japanese soldiers but also of small leather goods. Very quickly, he opened a shop in New York, and then in 1970, the first store in Tokyo.

Today, the family adventure continues. Longchamp alongside the biggest names of the upscale French leather goods, without to cultivate an image too smooth.

In the 2000s, the brand has indeed built a more rock style by adopting as the face the tumultuous Kate Moss or more recently the it-girl Alexa Chung.