The Best Bags of Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

What we would do without our most inseparable companion of fatigue, our women bag? Fashion firms know it well and therefore put all his art and commitment in their handbag collection. One of them, well known for its Accessories almost more than for their proposals in the dressing, is Carolina Herrera.

Shopping bags, mini bags, clutch… both styles and sizes and needs, events and requirements. Isn’t pecata minuta achieve attract our attention when it comes to create wrappers that carry virtually our entire lives.

The collection Carolina Herrera fall-winter 2010 / 2011 no doubt it has succeeded.

From classical minimalism in color of the winter, the camel, to the most obvious femininity in their models leather lacing. The touch of the chains, definitely the perfect way to modernize the proposal.

Never have been characterized by its practicality but the handbags or now modernly called clutch they have appearance and certainly have reached the top.

The skins, the satin touch, they are the best that I’ve seen lately in Add-ins. And purple tones, also.

He lives not only skin Carolina Herrera. Also the satan has been chosen by the creator in a few models which called Matryoskas and that is seasoned with a few tassels detail and heart motif.

The Mini-Audrey can be a most charming name? If the own Audrey lifted his sweet head, it pirraría by this small bag.

Another of my favorites. Its practicality makes it ideal for every day. One of the most eclectic bags I’ve seen lately is me. Seem to me perfect for classic women, followers of fashion and even young people with a casual style.

Same detail, different model. The best, its color and that handle so ideal. Never I already purchased any bag with handles shorter than those of the present. That carry the bag the way of “ the Queen Mother ” is quite passé.

No doubt the color of autumn, the camel, the perfect bag for work or office.

And a latest proposal realizadaen satin in a metallic colour. The perfect bag for use both in summer and in winter.