The Finishing Touch to Your New Year’s Eve Dress: Zara for Fashionistas Practical Accessories

It becomes the longest night of the year, more fun and more chances to shine with sequins, glitter, gold and mirras. I have already recommended best sequin dresses, shoes from Zara’s party to join them and the essential advice of styling for a fashionista this Christmas. And what defines a practical fashionista? Want to dazzle but do so narrowly. Why are going today with the accessories from Zara to finish off the new year’s Eve look.

Fashion neck


If you’re a touch masculine, if you dare with a tuxedo-wearing, this is the perfect complement to look with a sequin top and satin blazer. A neck with embellishment of stones


You want to give it a dominatrix touch, a sexy very Marlene Dietrich, you can go for a neck with hair to accompany both dresses and male outfits.

Isabel Lucas is your favourite celebrity and style boho which is most identified with your spirit free mixture of Woodstock and Studio 54. Why not finish your dress strapless with this so-chic poncho?

Crazy head


Dare with the accessory of the season, only suitable for fashionistas who don’t want to go unnoticed? Do you with a turban and if it is sequins and low cost, what ask for more?

Gossip Girl love you and your favorite girl is Blair Waldorf. If you are wanting more after dresses for Christmas with most gossip now we suggest how look in your head attachment that certainly defines the most elite protagonist of the series. You can choose one with stones silver & #8230;

or other smoked stones.

By your hand


That night is long but the Protocol of bags requires need least: your lipstick, your compact and your credit card. Little more fit in a clutch, if you decide on one at Zara will find this with ethnic touch.

More drive, more color, more sequins and equally chic. A new handbag of the most sought after of the season, perfect with a wide leg pants silver and top with black satin and transparency.


Hung around the neck

I love this necklace, is that it reminds me to emeralds that looked both Elizabeth Taylor? Beautiful and chic in photo, it’s worth going to the store to at least try it.

And finally a neck bib that you can use anytime you need it: trousers with jeans and shirt male or white with a black chiffon maxivestido with Sweetheart neckline. A wildcard complement fashionista flair to any look.


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