The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift from the Taschenkaufhaus

On May 10 is Mother’s Day and if you do not want to do something good because his mommy, when? For us the day is clearly an integral part to the unofficial public holidays a year. It is the perfect opportunity to surprise your moms with a great handbag, a trendy purse or a fancy belt. For all undecided I have a few gifts tips prepared.

 A tribute to the heroines of everyday life

– But first there is the typical question, what to give. The gift is useful, but also beautiful – be personal, but useful. Of course, Mutti has it all, does not need anything or buys in doubt yourself. So do what? Flowers? Perfume? Chocolates? A book?

We have the ultimate tip: What always works purses and key cases, just when you might want to give just a little thing. A colorful recommendation here is the collection of Mywalit or purse Wallet W2 branded two. Matching, perhaps for the next birthday or Christmas, I recommend a purse of two, for example, from the Daily series.

Friends from high quality leather are good hands at our gift ideas for aunts & uncles, Liebeskind or Fredsbruder. How about, for example, with a high quality belt with cool silver studs details? For fashion conscious mums with a keen sense of quality and trends which is an absolute must. Another tip for funky mums are the trendy handbags for Fritzi aus Prussia. See recent shapes and colors are represented and nice soft material in suede-look processed. The contrasting textile lining adds extra oomph.

Those who prefer more athletic, is a shoulder bag or a backpack super advice. With the X-Travel Backpack for Bric’s one pays even in the current vintage trend. Most important is to find a gift that fits your mommy is. You should notice that went ye thoughts and chosen wisely. So why not with an Ortlieb Pannier surprise? Maybe that’s just right! My mom likes it as colorful, so a funky Desigual handbag would be a good idea.

For all spontaneous, we offer free premium shipping to. Orders received Monday to Friday before 16 clock will be held and on the same day transferred to the parcel service, provided that your favorite is on stock.

In conclusion therefore, it can be said: As you not to the taste of the mass, but takes a personal gift for your superhero everyday. A handwritten card completes the package.

And you should be uncertain, then gives her just a Taschenkaufhaus voucher.