The "Wave"-Bag Of Death’s

21 August 2015 Accessories Tod’s-designer Alessandra Facchinetti takes us into the Palazzo Morando through the autumn/winter collection by 2015/16. In addition to the ready-to-wear, we see the new “wave”-bag. To have summer 2015, models from suede from 1400 euro

The "Wave"-Bag Of Death's

What Is So Special About The New Bags?

The “wave”-bag combines classic and sporty elements. Some models have for example, Gommino nubs, others are in turn covered with fur. We have introduced the “floral” bag last season, now it presents itself in a different, more playful way. It is not really a basic in the classical sense and refers to all the techniques and the craft that I used in the collection.

“Wave” And “Flower” Are Expressions Of Nature. A Coincidence?

Yes. (laughs) “Flower” – that’s a whole movement and very feminine. I love the outdoors. I guess me like real things and work on these new.

How Does The Collection Feel After A Great Show Presentation In New Setting, Such As The Magnificent Palazzo Here?

After the show, you can see the collection always different. For the presentation on the runway, you have a certain perspective and imagination. This perspective changed a day later. It happens to me every time. I guess all of a sudden something that I have not really seen until the last minute. This can happen, because it is very strong in each process is involved. The time creates a distance and other views of things.

How To Take Out Today The Accessories?

The day is great so far, and there was much praise for us. I think the new boots, a combination of Gommino loafers and Beatle ankle boot, which come with a whole new attitude are one of my favorites.

How Would You Describe This New Attitude?

She is self-confident, strong and independent – all traits that I find many women and girls. We are working strongly, that our accessories radiate from this attitude.

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