Two Bags Furla for Man: Sport and Formal

The universe of bags and suitcases Furla wasted style and Italian tradition. Only to see its successful collection of models of bags for men you don’t need more arguments. The main photo bag is Goa, a perfect complement to a casual and contemporary look.

Very comfortable to wear, can grasp it by its handgrips short hook it to the shoulder and thus looks better Strip triband Orange and chocolate brown. The material in which it is made is of wrinkled Sheepskin and it gives that air of the 70’s. Always like to contrast white stitching because it enhances the simple lines of the design.

Bag London (photo above) on the other hand is model elegance and refinement. In printed crocodile skin, this Yes always bring it with your hand. You can replace your traditional bag if all your things you fit in it: much more modern. I insist that you must not leave him on the floor.