What Will the 2016 It-Bags Look Like? Betting Is Accepted!

It begins 2016, and as it could not be of another form, it makes loaded with novelties related to the world of the fashion.

What Will the 2016 It-Bags Look Like Betting Is Accepted!

So in this post we wanted to focus on the next developments we will see in the bags during 2016, and make our particular bet on what will be the bags that will triumph. We have it clear, and you?

What Does It-Bag Mean?

First of all, in case there is someone who is not completely clear, with it-bag we refer to those bags that somehow, are cataloged as essential and are shown as an essential basic that should not be missing in your collection. They are bags that destroy and are a bet rather than safe.

And at the beginning of each year or every season, the truth is that there always appears a new it-bag that comes with force and wanting to make a gap between the great. But to be cataloged as an it-bag, a bag must have a lot to offer and succeed in the public.

There has been a great infinity of it-bags throughout history that have remained at the top even with the passage of time . One of the most famous came to life thanks to Princess Grace Kelly, who in 1956 relied on a Hermès handbag to conceal her pregnancy before the press. Such was the repercussion that it had, that today this bag is known as “Kelly of Hermès”.

The 2016 It-Bags

Of course this year was not going to be less, and the 2016 arrives with novelties more than appreciable as far as bags is concerned . Some could already be intuited during the final stretch of 2015, as is the case of sack bags, which had a great influence during this last autumn.

Here are the bags that will be a reference during this next course. Grab paper and pen, and take note, do you think we left any?

Bags Bags

As we mentioned earlier, sack bags or bucket bags are going to be a reference. In fact they already are, now only need to see if they will stay at the top or little by little their success will be blurring. Everything
points to that they are going to become a must have that you can not miss and that more and more we will get used to seeing it in all type of women. It is not surprising, since if we speak of comfort, it is the purse par excellence.

It has a size that is neither too big nor too small, and stands out for offering a functionality that does not leave aside the charm that makes it a truly elegant and feminine accessory. They combine with any outfit and you just have to take a look at some of the most prestigious celebrities, to realize that it is a perfect bag to look both day and night.

Hair Bags

Soft-haired purses look like they’re going to be another option that will hit harder this winter of 2016. They already triumphed on the runways and it was a sure bet of the most prestigious fashion brands, but since the end of 2015 the low cost firms decided to bet very hard for them.

They are handbags that can present different possibilities, since you can find from completely lined bags, to bags that combine different textures and that get a really exclusive image. A trend with great success in all types of coats, jackets and sweaters, which now comes with great force to the world of bags.

They are very warm and soft, and they can look perfectly if you manage to combine them. They were one of the winners in the last Country Fashion Week, wearing the spectacular Helena Bordon.

Handbags; Clutch

During 2016, the clutch bags will still appear as the main option when wearing the sleeker look. It is the fashion bag, and have no doubt that you will get tired of seeing it in any elegant event, gala dinner, cocktail, etc.

They stand out for being bags of small size, that offer an elegance superior to any other option. In addition, thanks to its success, the different possibilities at the time of choosing do not have any problem in finding the one that best suits what you are looking for. A must have, which continues to be at the top.

Have you already chosen your it-bag for this season?