What Would "Your Perfect Photo Backpack" Look Like? Explain It To Me And Win A Seller Backpack!

So now let’s please “Butter on the fish” as you say:
We Would Look To Your Perfect Photo Backpack If We Even “WÜNsch Dir Was” Play?

What Would "Your Perfect Photo Backpack&quot Look Like Explain It To Me And Win A Seller Backpack

Tell me in the comment function at the foot of this article. With your reply take automatically in the draw of EVOC PHOTOP 16L and an additional EVOC CB-3L part which I have described Here .
Exactly this I am giving away and hereby raffle it to one of you!
Your answers, I will give anonymously to various manufacturers after the draw and let’s see whether they access our wishes, requests, ideas and innovations.
I give you a few clues as an inspiration to your reply. So unleash your desires times and you going out.
Outer Material:
Leather or fabric?
What substance?
How big should it be? How big should it be?
Day Pack? If so, what are you all in the day Pack?
Notebook compartment? If so how much?
additional iPad compartment? If so how much?
Trollygestell with roles and such? Important?
How much the camera tool must be inside with you?
Other features that are important to you?
Hydration bladder?
Water resistance? Must the swimming?
Photo Tray removable? If Yes, how does it look? It needs its own straps? Handles?Closures?
What should the Interior look like? Classic Velcro walls? Or are there alternatives?
Waist belt required? If so, should he be removable?
Trollyband? Important?
Chest strap? Important? If so, should he be removable?
Tripod mount? If yes how?
Only one strap? Sling backpack?
Straps to hide behind a cover?
Access To The Equipment?
Over the back-secured when wearing?
On the page so that a strap on the shoulder can be?
From above?
How else?
Price And Co?
How expensive can it be a maximum?
Manufacturing country? Is that important to you? Made in Germany? Made in Europe?
I am very curious what you have”perfect photo backpack” for wishes and requests one for you!
Thank you and good luck in the draw. Closing date is Sunday the 06.11.2016 at 20:00 for your ideas – at least for the raffle.